06 novembre 2017 - France
Auteur : Maximilian Hülsebusch - Marketing Team Munich

Redundant systems without redundancy modules

With the CP series, PULS offers a unique feature: Power supplies with an integrated decoupling function based on efficient MOSFET technology. This means there is no need for additional redundancy modules in 1+1 and n+1 redundant systems.

  • Redundant systems without additional redundancy modules

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduced system complexity and costs
  • Shorter installation times
  • Space-savings of more than 45%
  • Versions with hot-swap or spring-clamp terminals
  • Versions with conformal coated PCBs available

PULS managed to integrate the decoupling feature into the standard CP-housings. This means the dimensions of the units are identical to those of the standard CP10 (39mm) and CP20 (48mm). The slim units and the cancellation of the redundancy module allow space-savings of more than 45%.

The new power supplies are available with hot-swap plug connectors or screwless terminals. The hot-swap connectors (CP10.241-R2 and CP20.241-R2 - these units are stock items) allow the replacement of devices during ongoing operation. If there is no need for this feature or if heavy shocks and vibrations occur regularly in the application, the screwless units (CP10.241-R1 and CP20.241-R1 - these units are build to order products) are the perfect choice.

Keep your system simple
The power supplies reduce system complexity and costs due to shorter installation times. Less cabling effort also means a lower failure risk caused by faulty connections. In addition there is only one part number that has to be managed. 


24V 10AConnection type
CP10.241-R1Spring-clamp terminals | Build to order
CP10.241-R2Hot-swap connectors | Stock item
24V 20A
CP20.241-R1Spring-clamp terminals | Build to order
CP20.241-R2 Hot-swap connectors | Stock item