3 Year Warranty

For all PULS standard products (excluding batteries and commodity), PULS grants a 3 year warranty - free of charge. This warranty applies worldwide for all PULS standard products shipped by PULS.


Unit Warranty request

Units becoming defective within the warranty period can be returned to the following address:

PULS Electronic GmbH

Lindenrain 2
5108 Oberflachs

The customer warranty requests will usually be handled within 10 working days after receipt of the unit at PULS. As a feature of PULS´warranty and goodwill, customers will typically receive a new unit as a replacement. In addition, the customer will get a failure report in English by email to the contact indicated on the return delivery note.


Unit Analysis Request (RMA-number request)

If a detailed failure cause analysis is required, an RMA-number must be requested via email at qm_aftersales@pulspower.com.

Please provide us with the following information, to assist the root cause analysis:

  • contact name at customer
  • unit sales number and unit serial number if available
  • description of the failure at customer
  • in which application and country the unit was installed
  • when the failure was found (customer incoming goods control (IGC), customer production, customer field return)
  • if relevant, at which final customer the failure occurred

Alternatively, the customer can fill out our template questionary customer returns and return it via email to qm_aftersales@pulspower.com.

The more detailed information we can obtain for unit failure analysis, the more likely a specific and effective failure cause analysis can be made. Usually within 1 working day after RMA-number request, the customer will receive a return address for the unit together with the RMA-number. Usually, a failure cause analysis report will be sent to the customer within 15 working days after receipt of the unit at PULS.