27 juillet 2017 - Product News
Auteur : Maximilian Hülsebusch - Marketing Team Munich

New MOSFET redundancy module YR20.246: 24V, 2 x 10A

The new redundancy module YR20.246 decouples, regulates and monitors 1+1 redundant systems.

  • Redundancy module YR20.246

  • Efficient MOSFET technology  
    Very low power losses and reduced voltage drop
  • Automated load sharing
    Perfect temperature balance, longer lifetime and lower operational costs
  • Redundancy OK signal
    Monitoring of the redundancy and signal in case of error
  • Very compact design
    Width only 32mm
  • Wide temperature range
    Full power between -40°C and +70°C

Learn more about the YR20.246.