PULS stories from Munich and around the world

Munich is a pulsating metropolis and widely known as “the largest village in the world”. The city is innovative, cosmopolitan and economically successful. The “village” character is reflected with its strong bond with traditional values. In Munich, tradition and culture play an important role in everyday life. Very few cities in the world achieve this fine balance between modern spirit and rural charm.

But enough of this enthusiastic dialogue about Munich! You may well ask yourself: What does this have to do with PULS – aside from the fact that our headquarters are located in Munich?

Informative, technical, international and entertaining – this is what we want to achieve in our PULS stories. 

The continuous quest for technological perfection is the driving force within PULS. The highest efficiency, smallest dimensions and the longest lifetime attributes of our products keep our developers busy every single day. Behind all this work we can find technical and interpersonal stories and exciting product applications. These stories become part of our company history. Many of them occur directly in our headquarters in Munich.

But also our teams in international sales and production divisions in the Czech Republic, China, USA, Singapore, France, Austria, Switzerland and the UK report their own interesting developments. The “stories” section of our website is intended to share these experiences and to provide us all with a better insight into our company and the way we work.

No. 1

– manufacturer of DIN rail power supplies. That our mission! Along the way we experience a great deal of exciting situations and stories.

But our customers are also a very important part of this journey. Have you implemented our products in an exciting project, which could be worth a story on our website? Contact us at marketing@pulspower.com using the keyword "PULS Story" in the subject line.

We are looking forward to discussing your projects and experiences and sharing them in the stories section of our website.