DIMENSION Y-Series Redundancy Modules

For building redundant power supply systems or to isolate sensitive load circuits with or without alarm signals.

These redundancy modules are equipped with two input channels and one output and can be used to configure highly reliable and true redundant 1+1 or N+1 power supply systems. Other applications include the separation of sensitive loads from non-sensitive loads, which can distort the power quality of the 24V bus or to block high return voltages from the load. The reliability and availability of the DC-voltage can be increased by using a redundant power system. To achieve redundancy, one extra power supply must be installed in order to supply the required current in case one unit in the system fails. Each individual power supply must be connected through a redundancy module. This isolates one supply from the others avoiding that a failed or de-energized supply does not become a burden to the others. Without the isolation, the output voltage can be compromised to the point where the load can no longer operate. For output currents up to 20A decoupling diodes are utilized to isolate the two individual inputs. Above 20A Mosfets are utilized resulting in a considerably lower heat generation and voltage drop than when using diodes. Non-functioning or de-energized power supplies can be identified by the DC-OK signal on the power supply when included. For power supplies where the DC-OK contact is not included, a redundancy module with alarm contacts is available. New to PULS product offering is the utilisation of MOSFETs instead of diodes. This reduces the heat generation and the voltage drop between input and output. Redundancy modules for lower power requirements are available in the MiniLine family.