DIN-rail power supplies for 3-phase systems
24V, 3.75A

  • 380-480V 2-Phase input
  • Efficiency up to 89,5%
  • No Neutral wire required
  • NEC Class 2 Listed
  • Full output power between -10 and +60°C
  • Quick-connect spring-clamp terminals

Output 24-28Vdc
Input AC 380-480V  (± 15%)
Size (WxHxD) 73 x 75 x 103mm
Weight 360g
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Product Description
The ML90.200 is a simple and cost effective approach to convert the AC voltage of a typical three-phase system into a regulated DC voltage. It only requires two phases and thereby saves terminal space, terminal cost, wires, fuses and installation time. The ML90.200 is very compact, highly efficient and easy to use. Furthermore, it fulfils the NEC Class 2 limitations. The input is internally protected, which makes external fuses unnecessary in many cases. Weighing only 360g, it is a lightweight compared to the 50/60Hz control transformers, which are commonly used for low-power control voltages where a neutral wire is not available. High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission makes usage in nearly every environment possible.
Technical Data
Input Data
AC-Input Voltage AC 380-480V  (± 15%)
DC-Input Voltage
EN61000-3-2(PFC-Norm) fulfilled
Power Factor0.6
Input Inrush Current LimitationNTC
Peak turn on current30A/36A (B1)
External Input Fuse Recommendationmin. B-10A / C-6A
Output Data
nominal Voltage 24Vdc
Adjustment Range 24-28V
Output Current Range 3.75-3.2A
Output Current 3.2A at 28V
3.75A at 24V
Output Power 90W
max. Ripple and Noise Voltage50mVpp
Size (WxHxD) 73mm x 75mm x 103mm
Weight per Piece (excluding packing) 360g
Operat. Temperature Range-10°C ... +70°C
Derating2W/° at >+60°C
Mounting Method DIN-Rail
Efficency, typ.89.5%
Power Losses, typ.10.5W
MTBF SN 29500 @ 40°C (h)1.594.000h
Connection methodSpring-clamp terminals
B1) Peak current at 120Vac/230Vac, ambient temperature of +40°C and cold start
Commercial Information
Article Number ML90.200
UPC Code 875404001041
Country of origin CZ
Order information Stock Item 
E Classification eClass 5.1 27049002
eClass 6.x 27049002
eClass 7.x 27049002
eClass 8.0 27049002
eClass 9.0 27040701
ETIM 4.0 EC000599
ETIM 5.0 EC002540
HS Code HS 85044082
Warranty Period (Month) 36
Packaging Unit 1pc
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