Autotransformers are matching transformers without galvanic isolation. A portion of the winding is jointly used by both the input and output side.Read more

Adjustment range

The adjustment range commonly is the guaranteed output voltage trim range. This enables compensation of voltage drops on long supply lines.Read more


AWG (American Wire Gauge) specifies the diameter of the wire and the cross section of wires. The AWG system is mainly used in North America.

Auto select input

1-phase power supplies with an auto-select or auto-range input detect the input voltage and automatically select the correct input voltage range.Read more


ATEX (French: “Atmosphère Explosible”) Read more


AS-Interface® (actuator-sensor interface) is a bus system in which energy and data are transmitted on a common two-wire line. One identifying feature of the bus system is the yellow profiled cable. ...Read more

AP devices

AP devices are PULS power supplies and DC/DC converters using 19-inch technology.

Ambient temperature

The ambient temperature is defined as the air inlet temperature 2cm below the device. PULS differentiate between the working temperature and the storage and transport temperature.