Address for RMA-number application:

Please provide the following information, to enable us to find the cause of the failure:

  • Contact name at customer's 
  • Unit sales number and, if available, unit serial number 
  • Description of the failure
  • Description of the application 
  • Country of application 
  • When was the failure found (Incoming goods control, production, field)?
  • At which end customer occurred the failure
  • Abnormalities present in the field, and requiring a failure cause analysis 
  • Product serial number

Alternatively, you can fill in this form and return it to us: return request forms(94KB)

The more detailed information we can obtain for execution of the unit analyses, the better are the possibilities for a specific and effective failure cause analysis. Within 1 working day after RMA-number request, the customer will receive a return address for the unit together with the RMA-number. Usually, a failure cause analysis report will be sent to the customer within 15 working days after receipt of the unit.