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Corrosion Resistant Design of Power Supplies 

Corrosive gases accelerate the ageing of electronics and lead to corrosion. This can result in malfunctions or in the total failure of assemblies. PULS power supplies have a very high suitability for the use in corrosive atmospheres. Learn more about the preventative measures that we use in our product design and the tests (ISA-71.04 Severity Level G3 and Flowing Mixed Gas Corrosion Tests According to IEC 60068-2-60) we perform to simulate corrosion.

Value-Add power supplies - Series efficiency meets client-specific flexibility  

The electronics industry expects reliability, speed and maximum flexibility from SMT placement machines. PULS Value-Add system solutions focus precisely on these attributes. Our tailored power supplies combine the advantages of standard and client-specific power supplies. See how ASM Assembly Systems profits from this solution.

Efficiency of DIN rail power supplies - Small differences, great savings  

When designing new products, a large part of the development work is dedicated to the minimisation of no-load losses in the form of heat. But how does this actually affect users‘ cabinets?

Efficient Redundancy for Power Supplies  
Redundancy modules guarantee reliable system availability, even if a power supply fails. However, the decoupling diodes in the module lead to high power losses in form of heat and a large voltage drop. PULS replaces the diodes with efficient Mosfets.

Accurate Efficiency Measurement is of Interest to the Customers 
Modern power supplies are characterised by ever higher efficiencies. But can customers actually rely on the efficiency specifications listed in datasheets provided by the manufacturer? Can the customer measure such a thing by himself and what would he have to consider?

Reliability: Specification of MTBF and Service Life for PULS Power Supplies
The terms ‘MTBF’ and ‘service life’ are often mixed up or used interchangeably. However, these refer to different processes and both values are needed to describe reliability. What they have in common is that higher temperatures make the values much worse. Learn more.

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95.2% – World Record for 240W Power Supply
The new CP10 series has the world‘s highest efficiency and the smallest dimensions in its class, maximizing its service life and MTBF. Numerous additional features provide ease-of-use in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about this fascinating product and the benefits for your work.

Download White Paper: CP10

DIN-RAILway Power Supplies - a New Standard in the Railway Sector
For those of you who have sat waiting on a train due to technical problems, you know only too well that more reliable technology on the railway should be the highest priority. A DIN-RAILway power supply is PULS's answer for a more robust and reliable DIN-rail power supply on the railway. 

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Clock Tower with PULS Power - Power Supplies for the Mecca Tower
When night falls in Mecca the green dials of the world’s largest clock tower are still clearly visible at a distance of min. 10 miles. This is achieved with two million LEDs – and around 1000 power supplies. 

Download White Paper: Mecca Tower

It Can‘t Always Be Lead Capacitor-based Buffer Modules
Up to now, lead-acid batteries have been used almost exclusively in DCUPS systems for industrial installations. However, users have had to put up with the disadvantages of the limited lifetime, restricted temperature range and high weight of such batteries. 

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The development time for advanced designed power supplies is getting longer and longer. Teams of engineers have been working for years to develop new power supply platforms for market readiness. 

Download White Paper: Cool Design

Rediscovered and Refined: Power Supplies with Hiccup Overload Behaviour
Technological progress gives new life to a circuit rarely used in today‘s designs. PULS has rediscovered the old Hiccup mode and refined it into the Hiccupplus

Download White Paper: Hiccup Overload

Designing NEC Class 2 Circuits with the PISA11 Protection Module
With the PISA11.CLASS2 module, several individual NEC Class 2 power supplies can be replaced by one large and more cost-effective power supply. The distribution into individual NEC Class 2 circuits is handled by the PISA protection module.

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Two DIN-Rail Power Supply Concepts in Comparison
It is important that the required characteristics of a device are specified with precision. The desire of the companies for costeffective solutions is understandable as well as necessary. For engineers, however, the task of specifying power supplies is becoming more and more difficult.

Download White Paper: Two DIN-Rail Power Supply Concepts

Benefits of Digital Technology of Power Supplies
In the ongoing development of power supplies, the analog control is reaching its limits. By using microprocessors, these limits can be raised and new levels achieved as users demand smaller, more efficient and more reliable supplies.

Download White Paper: Benefits of Digital Technology

Increased Efficiency with 3-Phase Power Supplies
In development of new highly efficient 3-phase supplies, the challenge is to reduce not only the device cost, but also the total system cost. With 3-phase power supplies, substantial costs are involved with circuit breakers which are usually required to connect the device to the supplying mains. 

Download White Paper: Efficient 3-Phase Power Supplies

Combining Environmental Protection and Cost-Effectiveness
The best way of actively promoting environmental and climate protection is undoubtedly to avoid unnecessary energy consumption and to use resources responsibly. See what PULS does to reach this goal.

Download White Paper: Environmental protection and cost-effectiveness

Isolation of Faulty 24V Branches with Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)
Standard miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are without doubt, one of the most efficient and economical ways to open circuits on faulty branches. MCBs are designed to protect wires and circuits. Learn more!

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How to Increase the Reliability of the 24V Bus Voltage

Control systems are becoming more and more complex and sensitive and if the 24V power supply fails, the whole system shuts down resulting in loss of data, system down time or a long restart process. Learn how you can increase the reliability of the 24V bus voltage.

Download White Paper: Increase the Reliability

Power Supplies for Mains Without a Neutral Wire
To avoid overloading of the neutral conductor, machine builders, panel builders and system integrators often use a Delta-system which has no neutral wire. Some machine builder standards, such as the EN 60204-1 for example, restrict the use of a neutral wire.

Download White Paper: Mains Without a Neutral Wire 

Sufficient Voltage at the End of Long Cables
The sheer size of systems such as printing machines, conveyor belts, steel rolling mills or bottling plants require long cables connecting the individual electrical machinery and system parts.

Download White Paper: Sufficient Voltage at the End of Long Cables

Mounting Options for Direct Panel or Sideways Installation
The DIN-rail mounting mechanisms for many of the DIMENSION C-series and Q-series power supplies as well as the special modules can easily be replaced by different mounting brackets. The ZM-parts enable direct panel mounting, wall mounting or sideways mounting of the units.

Download White Paper: Mounting Options

Switching Power Supplies Connected to the Intermediate DC-Bus - New Possibilities, New Features
Power supplies for control systems and other applications are traditionally connected to either a 1-phase or 3-phase AC mains. Due to the increasing use of frequency drives and amplifiers, there is a new option of connecting the power supplies to the intermediate DC-bus of the frequency drive.

Download White Paper: Power Supplies Connected to the Intermediate DC-Bus

Power Supplies with Significantly Reduced Inrush Current
When electrical and electronic devices are switched on, they load the supply network momentarily with high current pulses. MCBs and breakers have to be designed for these peak currents to prevent nuisance trips or contact welding. 

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Spring Clamp Terminals - The Solution for Secure, Reliable Connections
The current design of spring clamp terminals offers many advantages relative to screw terminals. If you’re not familiar with this new connection technology, you may not recognize the benefits of this innovation at first glance and may lead you to choose traditional screw terminals.

Download White Paper: Spring Clamp Terminals