11 reasons to

Trust in PULS

Learn why PULS is your perfect partner for reliable DIN rail power supplies.

#1 Technological Leadership

More than 100 talented and experienced engineers are designing the most advanced and technologically innovative DIN-rail power supplies in the industry.

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#2 Consistent Strategy and Management

For over 35 years PULS has been dedicated to the DIN-rail power supply market for industrial applications. The company is privately owned, managed and directed.

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#3 Quality and Service Life

The reliability and quality performance of our products is unique in the power industry. We offer the longest service life and MTBF available on the market.

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#4 Lowest Cost of Ownership

Highest energy efficiency, compact size and longest service life provide our customers with the lowest total cost of ownership.

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#5 The Right Product for your Application

Our multiple product families provide our customers with the opportunity to select the ideal product for their specific application.

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#6 Global Product Availability

PULS inventories are available throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The vast majority of our standard products are always available from stock.

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#7 Control of Supply Chain

The entire supply chain process from design and development through to manufacturing and shipment is controlled by in-house processes to guarantee consistent delivery times.

#8 Long Product Family Life

Our products are available for several decades after launch allowing users to design without concern for obsolescence and design changes from competitive products. As an example, our SilverLine series has been in stock since 1997. The customer has the liberty to choose when he wants to upgrade to a newer technology design.

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#9 Dependable Manufacturing

Our two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia assure product availability without the worry of disruption due to any natural disaster or economic crisis.

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#10 Application Support

Our team of talented and creative engineers throughout the world is constantly available to assist you with your individual design and application questions.

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#11 Educational Leadership

PULS engineers, as a result of our intensive training programme, are well equipped and qualified to advise and educate customers on the optimum application parameters of our products.

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