History of technology

Read about the milestones we have taken in the past to achieve the performance of our latest DIN rail power supplies.

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Expansion of DIMENSION CP series

PULS has expanded its CP Series with efficient 120W, 240W and 480W power supplies. All CP5, CP10 and CP20 power supplies are setting new benchmarks in terms of efficiency, reliability and size in their respective performance classes.

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SmartFab Box - Application analysis

It's not a typical product - but a very important tool for the development process of all our upcoming products. It helps to works out a clever strategy for digitization.

The SmartFab Box is an application analysis tool, which records the power requirements and thermal conditions in customer systems and facilities.

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PIANO product family introduced

The new PIANO product family, which was designed especially for the Asian market, goes into serial production. With this new milestone, the PULS engineers prove that it is possible to combine high quality with basic functionality and a lower price level.

PIANO product family overview


Launch of the CP10.241

PULS introduces the CP10 the worldwide first 240W DIN rail power supply with an efficiency of >95%, a width of 39mm and an extraordinary lifetime of 120,000 hours.

CP10.241 product details


CPS20 with new technology platform

PULS presents the CPS20, a technology platform with new high-performance and particularly reliable devices from the DIMENSION range. 

CPS20 product details


PISA protection modules launched

PULS presents the PISA protection module to the public. The PISA 4-channel protection modules with DIN rail mounting are designed for cost effective current distribution and protection of 24V load circuits.

PISA protection modules



Product family DIMENSION introduced

The first models of the new DIMENSION product family are launched. This series sets new global standards in terms of efficiency, lifetime, reliability and extremely small dimensions.

DIMENSION product family overview


MiniLine power supplies launched

The MiniLine power supplies are introduced to the market. The DIN-rail power supplies are optimised for low and medium power range from 15W to 100W. The units have a rugged plastic housing and are highly efficient, compact and reliable.

MiniLine product family overview


SilverLine product family introduced

SilverLine product family is introduced to the market. Since then the SilverLine with their characteristic metal housing has been proven millions of times in the power range from 40 to 960W. The products of this family were the technological pioneers for our latest product families DIMENSION, PIANO and MiniLine.

SilverLine product family overview


More technological innovations

Significantly smaller and more efficient products are introduced to the market in 1996, further cementing PULS' role as technological market leader.


First DIN rail power supply

PULS shows the first DIN rail power supply as a prototype in November 1990 at the trade fair electronica in Munich.


4kW power supply unit launched

PULS takes up series production of a high-frequency interference-free 4kW power supply unit. This endeavour had previously been considered to be technically impossible.


Efficiency breakthrough

Breakthrough regarding the efficiency, which is one of the most important marks of quality in the field of switched-mode power supply technology. With a 5V / 50A power supply PULS achieves an efficiency of more than 85%.


First 19-inch switched-mode power supply

PULS introduces the first 19-inch switched-mode power supply unit, using the great potential of SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology.