PULS is expanding: Opening of a sales office in Japan

In January 2019, PULS opened its sales office in Nagoya, Japan. The German power supply manufacturer is thus able to offer its Japanese customers local support in their native language.

Japan is the world's third-largest economy after the USA and China. When it comes to high technology, the country is particularly strong and has an excellent understanding of international trade.

The demand for PULS products in Japan is rising

It’s not easy for Western electronics companies to successfully launch onto the market in Japan. Japanese engineers scrutinise technical data and are very thorough in their research. With many years of expertise and detailed technical documentation, this is where PULS can score.

However, in addition to this, the ability to conduct in-depth personal support in the native language is indispensable. The PULS team in Singapore has already been offering this service over the last few years and successfully supporting Japanese customers. However, demand and further potential have grown so much in the meantime that Japanese specialists are needed directly on site. PULS has been able to recruit the experienced manager Dr. Hiroshi Morikawa to head the site.

EU and Japan make up the world's largest free trade area

PULS is focussing on a sustainable growth strategy. The strategic decision to open our own sales office in Japan fits well with current developments in economic policy.

Since 1st of February 2019, the EU and Japan have made up the world’s largest free trade area. The EU free trade agreement with Japan provides over 600 million people with a common economic area in which similar values are shared. PULS customers in Japan will benefit from this positive development.

Particularly the aspect of a partnership of values harmonizes very well with the corporate culture of PULS. Values such as honesty, quality and trust have been firmly in place since the company was founded in 1980. The PULS sales office in Japan has been founded on the common ground of German and Japanese values and will hold these high in times of global challenges.

PULS opens sales office in Nagoya, Japan.