PULS is Premium Partner of Power Congress 2015 in Würzburg

At the end of October, the magazine ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS organized the first Power Congress in Wuerzburg. PULS recognized the potential of the new event and sponsored it as a premium partner.

The goal of the congress was to offer developers and users of power supplies a useful platform to communicate and share the latest developments, designs and solutions and to connect with industry experts.

The Power Congress was structured as a seminar day on the topic "design and development of power supplies", and a congress day focusing on the "selection of power supplies and upcoming power supply trends". In parallel with the congress day, there was an associated exhibition. Here, participants were able to take a closer look at the PULS products and talk to the company’s technical support representatives.

PULS presents importance of efficiency measurement techniques

One of the highlights at the congress was the 30-minute presentation by Bernhard Erdl - owner, general manager and chief developer of PULS. His presentation dealt with the important issue: What should be considered when determining the efficiency of switched-mode power supplies?

Almost 120 participants followed Bernhard Erdl’s presentation on this vital industry topic with great interest. Participants were especially interested in how they could check the efficiency specifications quoted by power supply manufacturers. They were also interested in how they can measure the efficiency accurately and how they can avoid errors in measurement. Erdl gave useful tips and tricks from his long development experience - particularly helpful for the many young engineers in the audience. He also gave an insight into how PULS is measuring the exact efficiency in its development and production departments.

The presentation was very well received and was rewarded by the audience with the top grade in the participant survey.

Final discussion and suggestions for 2016

In the final discussion Bernhard Erdl requested the participants to provide feedback on the event and to express their suggestions for the Power Congress 2016. The event was considered a success. Need for improvement was identified as a more precise definition of the target groups for participants. Additionally, there were topics proposed by engineers for next year’s event: Simulation, regulations for EMC (EMC directive) and safety (low voltage directive).

If you would like to learn more about "accurate efficiency measurement", simply download the PDF-Version of the original Power Congress presentation by Bernhard Erdl.

During the exhibition a short video was made on the PULS booth. CEO, founder, chief developer Bernhard Erdl drew attention on the youngest member of the DIMENSION family, the CP10. This product, a power supply with single-phase input and 24V/10A output, holds the triple world record for the highest efficiency, smallest dimensions and longest service life specifications.

Watch the video on YouTube (available only in German):


PULS booth at the Power Congress 2015