DC/DC converters

Efficient and reliable PULS DC/DC converters provide regulated DC voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V.

DC/DC converters can upgrade your system

An efficient DC/DC converter can do more than just adjust voltages. It can contribute to system reliability and increase endurance in the event of voltage fluctuations.

The flat design allows installation in standard decentralized on-machine cabinets and saves plenty of space on the DIN-rail.

PULS customers use our DC/DC converters to add the following benefits to their systems:

  • Generate stabilised control voltages in battery powered applications.
  • Restore control voltage at the end of long cable runs, to compensate for voltage drops.
  • Galvanic isolation in mobile applications - e.g. ships, railway applications, forklifts.
  • Avoid earth loops.

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Product overview

Take a look at our portfolio of innovative DC/DC converters. You can browse through the product details on our website or download the data sheets for more technical information.


Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
CPS20.241-D1 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W DC 110-300V 65 124 127 enhanced DC input
CPS20.481-D1 48V 10A 48-56Vdc 480W DC 110-300V 65 124 127 enhanced DC input
new CD5.051 5V 10A 5-5.5Vdc 50W DC 18-32.4V 32 124 102
CD5.121 12V 8A 12-15Vdc 96W DC 24V 32 124 102
CD5.241 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W DC 24V 32 124 102
CD5.241-L1 24V 3.8A 24Vdc 92W DC 24V 32 124 102 NEC CLASS 2
CD5.241-S1 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W DC 24V 32 124 102 with signal contacts
CD5.242 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W DC 48V 32 124 102
CD5.243 24V 4A 24-28Vdc 96W DC 12V 32 124 102
new CD10.241 24V 10A 24-28Vdc 240W DC 24V 42 124 117
new CD10.482 48V 5A 48-56Vdc 240W DC 48V 42 124 117
QTD20.241 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W DC 600V 65 124 127 for drive systems

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