Formula Student 2019: TUfast triumphs in the category for electric vehicles

PULS currently supports 9 different Formula Student teams with its efficient DC/DC converters. Including the students of the Technical University of Munich, who won in the category Formula Student Electric this year.

In the young category "Electric", the electric racing cars of the construction teams compete against each other. The team TUfast from Munich was able to win in this highly competitive category. At Formula Student Germany, at least 118 student teams compete with their own race cars every year.

In addition to the actual performance on the racetrack, the jury also evaluates the team strategy in the categories construction, financial planning and sales argumentation.

The teams rely on our efficient DC/DC converters to supply their electrical onboard systems. Our products QTD20.241 and CT10.241 are their preferred solutions. The teams like to use these devices because of their high robustness and long service life. So they do not have to worry about supplying the electronics and can concentrate fully on the actual racing disciplines.

PULS congratulates the TUfast team and all other construction teams on this successful and exciting season 2019.

Learn more about PULS power supplies in Formula Student race cars.

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