PULS awarded as a pioneer in Industry 4.0

Frost & Sullivan honors PULS with the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 for its contribution to digitization in the manufacturing industry.

The Frost & Sullivan award-winning PULS Connect project represents an agile process for developing communicating power supplies and digital services for Industry 4.0 applications.

With the self-developed diagnostics tool SmartFab Box, PULS carries out needs analyses in cooperation with its customers. The tool can measure power requirements and thermal conditions directly in customer applications and provides them in real time. The collected insights are integrated into the development process of new products.

Thus, PULS does not provide its power supplies with all digital features that are technically possible. Instead it focuses on the actual needs of its customers in terms of digitization. The goal is to help customers digitize their systems and machines with reliable, network capable and easy-to-use products and services.

This strategy was recognized by the Manufacturing Leadership Jury as a particularly innovative contribution to digitization and Industry 4.0.

Ulrich Ermel, Director of New Business Development and Global Application Engineering, is leading the PULS Connect project and commented on the award by Frost & Sullivan as follows: "We are delighted to receive the Manufacturing Leadership Award as recognition for our achievements. However, it is much more important to us that our customers benefit from the PULS Connect project in their applications. We strive to simplify the digitization efforts of our customers during the implementation of our power supplies. In addition it was not possible for machine builders to clearly prove that downtimes are caused by current and power failures, transients, or unstable power grids. Our smart power supplies can recognize these anomalies and enable system design improvements to increase availability and reliability."

PULS received the award in June 2018 in Huntington Beach, California.

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Ulrich Ermel and Chris Harman accepted the Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 for PULS. (Source: Frost & Sullivan)Frost and Sullivan awards PULS with the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018.Ulrich Ermel (3rd from left) accepted the Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 for PULS. (Source: Frost & Sullivan)