DC 24V 10A DIN rail power supplies

PULS offers a variety of efficient and reliable 240W power supplies with a DC 24V output voltage and 10A output current for 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

Ready for the highest demands of your 24V DC system

An efficient and reliable 24V DC power supply is mission critical for many one-phase and three-phase systems - whether you have to supply robust electro-mechanical or highly sensitive electrical loads. Our switched mode power supply units are based on more than 35 years of experience and are equipped with state-of-the-art power technology.

Reduced system costs

The high efficiency values (up to 95.2%) of the 24V 10A DIN rail power supplies mean lower heat losses and reduced energy costs for the cooling of the system.

Increased process uptime

The high MTBF values (Mean Time Between Failures) and superior lifetime values prove the absolute reliability of our 24V 10A DIN rail power supply units.


The small dimensions of PULS power supplies help you to set up efficient and reliable systems even in packed cabinets. The lightweight design minimises the stress on the DIN rail.

Product overview

Take a look at our 24V 10A DIN rail power supply portfolio. You can browse through the product details on our website or download the data sheets for more technical and detailed information.

DIN-rail power supplies for 1-phase systems

Article Number
DC OutputRangePowerInputDimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
CP10.24124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 39124117
newCP10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 39124117conformal coated
newCP10.241-M124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 39124117approved for medical applications
newCP10.241-S124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 39124117spring-clamp terminals
newCP10.24224V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-300V 39124117extended DC-input
CS10.24124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 60124117
CS10.241-S124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 60124117spring-clamp terminals
CS10.24224V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 60124117
CS10.24324V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-120V 60124117
CS10.24424V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 200-240V 60124117
PIC240.241D24V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V 49124124DC-OK relay contacts
QS10.24124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60124117
QS10.241-A124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60124117conformal coated, ATEX
QS10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60124117conformal coated
QS10.241-D124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-300V 60124117enhanced DC input

DIN-rail power supplies for 3-phase systems

Article Number
DC OutputRangePowerInputDimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
CT10.24124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 380-480V 62124117
CT10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 380-480V 62124117conformal coated

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