DIN rail power supplies


1-phase input   |   Power: 60W, 90W, 120W, 240W or 480W   |   Output: 24V / 5A, 10A or 20A

Simplicity without compromises

The PIANO PIC series is designed for applications that require reliable DIN rail power supplies, which are focused to deliver the most widely required customer functionalities. Our PIC units offer this simplicity without making compromises on PULS’ renowned qualities; efficiency, service lifetime, reliability and size.

The PIC portfolio is composed of accurately designed and application-oriented 24V power supplies. This specifically developed line card is unique in the industry 24V class.

The benefit for our customers: They will get exactly what they need for their application – no cost intensive extra features but still manufactured to the highest quality in these essential functions. The PIC series represents PULS’ perfect blend of essential functionality with the highest quality.

Benefits at a glance

Reduced system costs

The PIC series is a future-proof and cost-effective investment for your system. The actual acquisition is only the beginning. With the PIC series you will permanently reduce your system costs. The high efficiencies (90.5 to 95.7% at full load) lower the heat losses and reduce your energy costs for the cooling of the system.

Flexible choice

The PIC portfolio allows you a high flexibility. The units differ in very subtle details which gives you the opportunity to choose only what you really need. For example: If you operate your systems exclusively in Europe or China you do not have to pay for a wide range input.

Increased process uptime

The high MTBF values (Mean Time Between Failures) of up to 1.72 million hours prove the absolute reliability of the PIC series. The power supplies are equipped with a DC-OK LED and they can also report the DC-OK signal via a floating relay contact (except PIC120.242C).

Mechanical robustness

The clean board design and high-grade housing make the PIC series resistant to mechanical shock and vibration. The light-weight design of 350-810g also reduces the static strain on the DIN rail. All units also comply with the V0 class of inflammability.

Technical details

Impressive efficiency

Up to 95.2% premium class efficiency, thanks to an innovative circuit design and high-class semiconductors.

Learn more about the importance of efficiency

Highest reliability

The clean board design leads to a reduced number of components which helps to increase reliability (MTBF) to an outstanding level of 1.72 million hours (PIC120.241C).

Read our white paper about MTBF and lifetime

Electrical robustness

The PIC series can withstand powerful input transients which are 230% of the nominal input voltage. Robustness is assured over the entire load range.

Product overview

Take a closer look at our PIANO power supplies and supplementary units. You can read the product details online or download the datasheet for further and more technical information.

DIN-rail power supplies for 1-phase systems

Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
PIC120.241D 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 39 124 124 DC-OK relay contacts
PIC120.242C 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W AC 200-240V 39 124 124
PIC240.241D 24V 10A 24-28Vdc 240W AC 100-240V 49 124 124 DC-OK relay contacts
new PIC480.241D 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W AC 100-240V 59 124 127

Diode redundancy module

Article Number
DC Output Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
PIRD20.241 12-24V 20A DC 12V-28V  (± 25%) 39 124 124 2x 0-10A input

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