SmartFab Box

The SmartFab Box is an innovative analysis tool which records the power requirements and thermal conditions in customer applications. How it works is shown in a live demo.

Analysis tool for power supply applications.

Analysis tool.
What is the SmartFab Box?

System availability, cost efficiency and scheduled maintenance are the key focus for many users. PULS therefore provides users with detailed advice on choosing the optimum power supply for their specific applications. To expand this service, PULS has developed the unique SmartFab Box.

The SmartFab Box is an innovative diagnostics tool developed by PULS to make the power requirements and thermal conditions in systems and installations transparent.

It allows users to check and specify their power budgets directly on their own systems; live and completely securely. This unique user service provides assistance in choosing the right power supply and avoiding excessively large power reserves.

The SmartFab Box measures:

  • Voltage and current (input and output)
  • Power (primary and secondary)
  • Transients
  • Power factor
  • Temperatures (ambient and inside enclosure)

Live demo.
What does the data look like?

In 2017 PULS installed several DIN rail power supplies in a warehouse in Germany. A SmartFab Box is connected to these devices and gives the customer an excellent overview of the utilization and efficiency of the conveyor system.

The following diagrams show an excerpt of the live data measured by the SmartFab Box in this application. You can also see the costs and CO2 savings the company has achieved, because it uses PULS DIN rail power supplies.

Load status of the conveyor system

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Powered down

Output power of the power supply

Active power | Live

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Cost savings per power supply

This value shows the energy cost-savings achieved at the customer's site since March 2017 using highly-efficient PULS power supplies instead of a competitive product.

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Active power | Last 24h overview

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CO2 savings per power supply

This value shows the CO2 emission the company has reduced since March 2017 per power supply by using PULS.

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Start the analysis.
How does the SmartFab Box work?


The operation of the SmartFab Box is very easy. All that is required is an AC mains connection and a LTE / 3G cell signal.

Next you connect the sensors of the SmartFab Box with your application and the setup is ready to start the analysis.


Using a VPN connection the SmartFab Box saves all application data securely and anonymously to a cloud server in Germany. The data is exchanged over the LTE / 3G cellular network.

This means there is no need to connect the SmartFab Box to the local corporate network. The SmartFab Box is designed to be non-invasive at all times and will not affect the application, neither during the installation nor during the measurements.

This assures absolute safety and integrity of the customer's process.


The user interface which provides live analysis of measurement data is displayed on a PC or notebook and is very intuitive and easy to use. The operator can access data via the online dashboard (

The dashboard is password-protected and accessible only to the respective user and the qualified PULS support team.

Free service.
Interested in using the SmartFab Box?

You can use the SmartFab Box free of charge for a limited period of time. You can also lease it over a longer period of time or purchase it - this decision depends entirely on your needs.

You can analyse your application's data at any time via the dashboard. For questions or recommendations on the results, the PULS application engineering team is always ready and willing to support you.

Fill in the form and share your questions or ideas with a technical expert from PULS.