PULS Innovation-Lab receives two more international awards

The PULS Innovation-Lab in Vienna was honored with two more international design awards for its innovative working environment in autumn 2019.

The New Work environment convinced the interior design experts of the European Property Awards 2019/2020. Therefore the jury awarded the 5 Star Award for the best working environment in Austria.

The project received further recognition in September by the prestigious Golden NOVUM Design Award 2019.

New Work project: The modern Austrian Vierkanthof

The state-of-the-art facilities were developed together with the PULS R&D employees in Vienna and the Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design. The team was inspired by the Austrian Vierkanthof, a traditional farmhouse with a square courtyard in the middle. Here, representatives of different guilds worked closely together to achieve common goals. Evolution Design transferred this collaborative concept into the modern age. The PULS workspace is divided into four main areas: RETREAT, DIALOGUE, CREATE and SHARE. Each area supports different tasks and phases of the innovation process in power supply development.

For example, PULS has created creative, open spaces where the employees can interact and collaborate in teams. But there are also quiet zones that foster the concentration of the employees. A hurdles-free technical equipment plays a major role, enabling digital collaboration between international teams. PULS now pursues this New Work strategy worldwide in its offices and even in its factories.

Strong partnership: PULS and Evolution Design

PULS says a huge thank you to the Evolution Design team for the great collaboration and creativity in this ambitious New Work project.

Golden NOVUM Design Award 2019 für PULS Innovation-Lab in Wien.Golden NOVUM Design Award 2019 für PULS New-Work-Projekt.European Property Awards 2019/2020 für PULS Innovation-Lab in Wien.European Property Awards 2019/2020 für PULS New-Work-Projekt.