High-tech manufacturing facility in Chomutov, Czech Republic

A conventional and purely functional production building was out of the question for PULS. Instead a facility that represents the philosophy of the company was sought.

Architectural Masterpiece

Numerous aesthetic concepts were researched and examined before construction began. Finally, out of the many architectural ideas, a design crystallized, which resembled the form of the PULS DIN rail power supplies. This has resulted in the construction of a spectacular building which is instantly recognizable by its shape. Pointing towards the future the attractive factory expressively represents the high quality level of PULS.

The administrative and the storage buildings are finished with large aluminium plates and are rounded at each end to reflect both the style and the materials of the PULS products. The remaining facade is finished with darkly enamelled glass panels.

The new PULS building has been nominated for best industrial design in 2007. Contributing to this nomination is the excellent working atmosphere as well as the PULS ecological approach to its construction.

Applied Environmental Protection

The entire building complex was thought through from the beginning to the end considering the whole work process from actual production to the disposal of waste materials. A specialized consultant bureau was commissioned to assess the materials used in the construction process and their environmental impact. Particular attention was given to minimize energy consumption; exterior jalousies act as sun shelters that remove the need for air-conditioning, the glass lamella panels open automatically at night to cool the interiors and use the concrete of the building as a thermal buffer. The building is also designed to fully utilize natural lighting and artificial light is largely avoided. The production lines are located in the middle of the building which has a central court-yard so providing plenty of daylight. Glass doors disperse light through hallways and skylights illuminate larger areas.

One of the most important developments is the introduction of burn-in cabinets with an integrated energy-recovery system. Through this method 84% of the energy consumption is saved. Therefore PULS not only develops some of the most efficient power supplies in the world, but also produces them in a highly energy saving manner.


Competition for top employees

PULS recognises that a high standard of skilled employees is crucial for a company's development. This applies worldwide and regardless of the wage level of the respective country. PULS’ new facility provides superb working conditions to make PULS a pleasurable place to work and encourage employees to feel proud of their company. 

The well lit rooms promote order and neatness. Scenic views foster harmony and composure. The spacious courtyard provides a peaceful and serene ambience, in which employees can enjoy their lunch.

The work process is divided into easily comprehensible and somewhat informal units which support the team spirit and strengthen the individual's sense of responsibility. The Chomutov facility has the capacity to employ 350 people and is attracting interest from many highly qualified applicants who wish to work here.

Inner values

The state-of-the-art level of the technical equipment introduced at the Chomutov power factory adds to PULS' high standards. Uniquely for the Czech Republic the most advanced SMD-lines have been installed and the production lines combine speed and flexibility to globally unprecedented levels. The production areas include an extensive and pioneering range of apparatus, featuring many automatic testing systems, a flying probe in-circuit tester as well as two fully automated optical inspection systems (AOI).

In addition, PULS uses an automated storage system and a laser marking system for the labeling of the products. PULS is also applying a one-piece-flow manufacturing principle, which requires less effort in coordinating and planning and which enables quicker run lengths, a faster recognition of drop-outs and a higher quality of production.

Powerful Competitiveness

A sound and stable competitiveness for the future is ensured by a financially strong capacity for investments. Ideally this is done by financing the power factory out of the company's own funds which is the case with PULS, Chomutov. Altogether 17 million euros were invested; 9 millions for the main building with 6,200 square meters of construction site and the remaining land.

A further 8 million euros have been used for the plant and machinery. The whole project is strongly supported by the Czech Government by granting incentives of up to 50% of the total investment. Therefore the capital cost is significantly reduced on top of the low labour rates in this country, resulting in a powerful competitiveness for PULS in the global market.

The European stronghold

PULS is primarily a European company and the new plant in Chomutov is an example of its dedication to a strong European community. Many of the company's clients are situated within Europe and this new location makes it easily accessible to buyers and interested clients. EU safety standards, reliable suppliers, efficient methods of transport and close proximity to the company's headquarters in Munich, with its wealth of knowledge and experience, are all major advantages of this location.