A‘Design Award for the new PULS Innovation-Lab in Vienna

In May 2019, the Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design once again received the prestigious A'Design Award - this time for its outstanding work related to the new PULS R&D location in Vienna.

It is the second year in a row that Evolution Design has received an A'Design Award for the interior design of a PULS location. In 2018, the jury already awarded the PULS headquarters in Munich the Gold Award. Meanwhile, the PULS workspace in the headquarters and the underlying New Work concept have become a lighthouse project for medium-sized companies in Germany.

As part of this New Work strategy, the R&D team in Vienna was given the opportunity to design its own work environment in the Meidling district in early 2018. The developers were inspired by the modern workspace at the PULS headquarters and created their own Wiener Vierkanthof together with Evolution Design - in line with the artisanal, heterogeneous working groups at Austrian farmhouses.

In addition to the interior design, of course, the possibilities of digitization play a major role. Digitization enables the efficient networking of the worldwide PULS R&D teams and thus a close and successful cooperation in the demanding development projects. For PULS, it is therefore crucial to provide a suitable physical working environment in a digitized world. It is fully focused on agility, flexibility and innovation.

Once again this has been achieved with the PULS Vario R&D location in Vienna thanks to the outstanding support of Evolution Design. The PULS teams in Vienna and Munich therefore congratulate Evolution Design on their renewed and well-deserved award.

PULS Vario group workPULS Vario silent work areaPULS Vario canteenPULS Vario silent work area in ViennaPULS Vario entrance area