PULS honored with the Innovative Company Award of the Ústí Region

The PULS power supply factory in the Czech Republic was awarded with the Innovative Company Award of the Ústí Region. Our team won 3rd place in the category for large enterprises. In addition to PULS, many leading companies in the region participated in the competition.

PULS attracted the attention of the jury with its eco-friendly burn-in test. The test simulates the operation of DIN rail power supplies with nominal load in harsh work environments by using an oven set to +60°C. Pre-heating the oven and operating the tested power supplies requires a high level of energy. PULS can recover up to 92% of this energy.

PULS is not only designing the most efficient DIN rail power supplies, we are also producing them in a very energy-efficient way. This effort is part of our social responsibility and our active contribution to minimize global warming.

About the Innovative Company Award

The Innovative Company Award was awarded in 2018 for the first time. A committee of experts analysed and evaluated the innovative products, services and technologies of the companies from the Ústí region - the Czech region where the PULS plant is located.

The Ústí Region and the Innovation Centre of the Ústí Region organised the competition in order to determine the most innovative companies in the region in two categories: small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises. The competition will be held annually.

Dr. Ludek Hodic accepts the award for PULS. (Image source: Inovační centrum Ústeckého kraje, z.s.)Innovative Company Award of the Ústí Region