New 480W power supply with built-in redundancy function and conformal coating

The CP20.241-R2-C1 is a very efficient and reliable DIN rail power supply with an integrated redundancy feature, conformally coated PCBs and hot-swap connectors.

Built-in redundancy function

This DIN rail power supply features an integrated decoupling MOSFET for 1+1 and n+1 redundancy. With the CP20.241-R2-C1, users can build redundancy systems without additional redundancy modules. The benefits are significant cost and space savings as well as a reduced complexity of the redundancy system.

Conformal coating

The CP20.241-R2-C1 ensures long-term reliability even under the most challenging ambient conditions. The conformally coated printed circuit boards (PCBs) can withstand high levels of humidity, condensation and high concentrations of conductive particles, e.g. the attraction of dust particles due to electrostatic charge. This DIN rail power supply is therefore the perfect solution for applications in subtropical regions, outdoor areas, agricultural operations, paper producing industry, railway, etc.

Efficient power supply

The 24V, 20A power supply is only 48mm wide and features an impressive efficiency of 95.2%. The unit has 20% output power reserves. It also provides 3 times the nominal current for 12ms. This enables easy fuse breaking. The high immunity to transients and power surges, low electromagnetic emission, DC-OK signal contact for remote monitoring, and a large international approval package, make this unit suitable for nearly every application.

Automatic load current sharing feature included

The CP20.241-R2-C1 is equipped with an automatic load current sharing feature. This function compensates for a certain voltage imbalance between the individual power supplies connected in parallel. This produces an optimised temperature balance between two power supplies, leading to a longer lifetime of the devices.

Hot-swap connectors

The hot-swap connectors allow the replacement of the device during ongoing operation. This feature increases the availability of safety-critical systems.

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DIN rail power supply with integrated redundancy feature and conformal coating: CP20.241-R2-C1