Two new 240W power supplies now optimized for DC input voltage

Two new QS10 models have been launched which in addition to the standard AC input are also specified for a wide nominal DC input range from DC 110-300V.

From a purely technical point of view, many AC power supplies can also be supplied with DC voltages. From a safety point of view, this is not always possible without problems. Input stage components in particular such as the input fuse, must be approved for the entire DC range.

If the input fuse is not designed for the full DC range, the electric arc might not be extinguished when the fuse blows. This can cause a serious risk of fire in the device. An external DC-compatible fuse is no help here either, as there is a chance that the internal fuse may open earlier in the device than the external fuse.

Both new devices, the QS10.241-D1 (24V, 10A) and the QS10.481-D1 (48V, 5A), have suitable fuses included and are designed for the extended creepages and clearance requirements. They are also agency approved (UL and IEC) for an operational voltage from 88-375Vdc, which should not bring up any surprises when applying for approval for an entire system.