Innovative production technologies

In the following information you will learn more about the innovative technologies which are used in our production sites in Chomutov and Suzhou.

PULS builds the most advanced and efficient DIN rail power supplies in the world. In order to maintain the highest quality, we are constantly researching and testing new manufacturing technologies. In the following texts and videos you can learn more about our continuous advancement philosophy and latest progress.

Innovative robot technology in power supply production

Robots help us to automate repetitive work processes, be more productive, save costs and invest our time in more demanding and productive tasks. See how we use our new PULS robot in our production site in Chomutov.

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Faster production communication with new signal system

Our factory in Suzhou has implemented a new signal system for the work-stations on the production line. It helps to report incidents very quickly and gives the line leader an accurate and real-time overview. This results in a significantly higher efficiency and more transparency in the manufacturing process.

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Laser marking replaces labels

PULS now marks the majority of its DIN rail power supplies by using laser technology. The most important technical specifications and approvals are engraved directly into the housing of these devices. Before PULS utilised laser marking, the company used traditional labels, but in harsh environments they could become soiled or softened. This could result in the label detaching or becoming unreadable.

Burn-in test with energy recovery

The burn-in test assures the high quality of our power supplies and helps us to identify defective devices right from the start. The test simulates an operation with nominal load in harsh work environments by using an oven set to 60°C. The pre-heating of the oven as well as the operation of the tested power supplies require a high level of energy. PULS has implemented an innovative energy recovery system which allows us to re-use more than 92% of the output energy of the tested power supplies. This energy is fed back to the factory grid via an inverter.

In-house conformal coating

Conformal coating is a very important feature for DIN rail power supplies, especially when they are used in a harsh environment. As a result of the high demand, PULS has implemented its own conformal coating systems in the factories in Suzhou and Chomutov.