Medical power supplies and DC-UPS for ventilators

With the partially free delivery of power supplies and DC UPS systems, PULS supports the manufacturers of ventilators in their fight against COVID-19. The first projects were implemented in Germany, the Czech Republic and England. PULS promotes these initiatives to quickly supply hospitals with the urgently needed ventilators.

PULS offers an effective combination of a compact 240W DIN rail power supply with medical approval (CP10.241-M1 with 24V / 10A) and the DC-UPS UBC10.241 with the single battery concept and a built-in battery. The 24V / 5A power supply CP5.241-M1 with medical approval will also be available soon.

The small size of the power supplies and the short-term availability were decisive for these projects. In addition, PULS increases the production quantities for its medical power supplies despite the currently difficult logistics situation.

With its generous stock of components as well as finished products, PULS can deliver its medical power supplies reliably even in the current situation. If you have any questions about the application or integration of the medical power supplies, you can contact the professional PULS technical support via telephone or video conference.

Highest protection level (2 MOPP) for patients and operators

The PULS medical power supplies meet all requirements defined in the standards IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition and IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition. The power supplies offer a double measure to protect the patient (2 MOPP - Means Of Patient Protection) and the operator. The EMC test is also completely fulfilled without additional measures, such as external filters.

CoroVent project reaches next phase

One of the initiatives that PULS is currently supporting with its medical power supplies is the CoroVent project in the Czech Republic. CoroVent's goal is to promptly manufacture more than 500 ventilators per day to meet the high needs of the Czech hospitals.

In April the CoroVent team achieved the second place in the EUvsVirus Hackathon of the European Commission. This qualifies the team for the next round, the so-called "Matchathon". From May 22nd to 25th of May, the inventors and researchers will be able to establish concrete contacts with the medical specialists in order to make these important projects known as fast as possible.

Essential devices as a donation

With quick donations in kind, PULS wants to make an effective contribution to the various initiatives in order to fight the effects of COVID-19 and to save lives. Further projects are gladly supported.

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PULS supports the CoroVent project with medical power supplies.