PULS uses corona tracers to protect its employees

The main goals of the PULS pandemic management team are to protect PULS employees from a corona infection in the office and to react quickly in case of an emergency. Therefore PULS uses digital "corona tracers" to be able to trace possible chains of infection in the headquarters.

The tracer is a small, blue box that PULS employees wear around their necks or on their belts in the headquarters in Munich, Germany. It uses Bluetooth technology to automatically detect other tracers that are within the infection radius of less than 1.5 meters. Within this radius the tracers share their IDs. This information is stored directly in the memory of each tracer for 2 weeks and is overwritten afterwards.

The benefit: in case of an infection the tracer data can be evaluated directly by the PULS HR department on site and affected employees can be contacted immediately. All stored data is strictly confidential and only analyzed in case of an emergency. This means that PULS is now able to track possible infection chains much faster. This means better protection for PULS employees and less effort for its pandemic management team.

PULS uses digital corona tracers to protect its employees