Construction phase: Expansion of production facility in China

Noteworthy company growth and international success call for an increase in production capacity. This is why PULS started to expand its production facility in Suzhou in 2016.

After over a year of careful planning, construction has begun on the production facility in Suzhou. The facility will cover an area of about 8000 square meters and will be used for production of PULS DIN rail power supplies and supplementary units. In addition it will provide warehouse storage, a spacious cafeteria and a parking garage for employees.

With the company’s continued international growth and overall success, larger facilities and more innovative production technologies are required to meet demand. This expanded smart-factory will of course keep up with the unique design and environmental features which PULS has pioneered and which have won PULS several awards including the LEED Gold Award. At the same time PULS uses every opportunity to optimise its production processes by investing in innovative technologies - such as robotic solutions, laser marking, burn-in technologies, etc.

Such an occasion calls for celebration, which is exactly what occurred on the 2nd of June 2016 at the ground-breaking ceremony as Hans-Joachim Hermann, VP of Global Operations, and the management team of PULS Trading in Suzhou, grabbed their shovels and dug in to help move PULS further into the future. With construction now in progress, PULS is very well prepared for the success of the upcoming years.