Current delivery situation at PULS

Thanks to our generous stock of components as well as finished PULS products, we have been able to overcome the difficulties caused by the corona outbreak very well. So far, this has had practically no effect on our ability to deliver. In fact, our delivery reliability reached 99.82% in July 2020.

Production and Delivery

Our factories are absolutely capable of producing the quantities requested by our customers. Additionally, the demand from our customers in the medical sector has strongly increased and we feel obliged to serve these customers by all means during this time.

We hope that with our large stock, alternative suppliers, special attention in management and by using air instead of sea freight, we will be able to keep the coming limitations to a minimum. Currently we are covering the additional air freight costs.

Contact options

To protect our employees, the PULS teams located in the HQ and our global subsidiaries are now working primarily from home. Nevertheless, you can reach your regional contact person at PULS through the usual communication channels as we have forwarded all phones.

To protect our employees, PULS has released a detailed guideline for working in the PULS headquarters. Most of the PULS employees are already working alternately in the office and from home. You can reach your contact person at PULS reliably via the usual channels.

Contact your regional contact person

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Delivery Situtation PULS