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Automotive industry

Ensure the availability of your plants in 24/7 operation with reliable and efficient industrial power supplies.

Why do many car manufacturers and their suppliers use PULS power supplies?

Increasing plant availability

Every minute of plant downtime is extremely costly. With their long lifetime and low error rate, PULS power supplies provide a reliable supply of electricity over many years and reduce the probability of failure.

Improving flexibility

A high level of flexibility is one of the most important goals in vehicle manufacturing. Because of their considerable power reserves and easy parallelisation, PULS power supplies are ideal for use in dynamic automation solutions.

Saving energy and cutting CO2

Every component of a plant plays a key role in achieving climate neutrality and reducing energy costs. As a result of their very high levels of efficiency, PULS power supplies boost the potential for energy savings over the long term.


for power supplies in the automotive industry

Robust power supplies for casting, pressing and plastic injection moulding in the automotive industry.

Casting, pressing, plastic injection moulding

Capital-intensive machines in 24/7 operation need robust power supplies

All the components of the system must be highly reliable and robust to ensure that downtimes and rejects can be kept to a minimum in complex processes.

EMC interference and return voltages can disrupt the processes, which often last only milliseconds to ensure rapid cycle times. Other disruptive factors include high temperatures, large amounts of dust and vibration.

Robust power supplies with optimised EMC and a long lifetime are ideally suited to these applications.

In-process charging for intralogistics and conveyor systems in the automotive industry.

conveyor systems

Seamless intralogistics and conveyor systems need a decentralised power supply

A seamless intralogistics system is the key to successful and perfectly organised production processes in the automotive industry. Timing is everything. From large body parts and heavy engines through to components from the small parts warehouse, everything is transported on miles of conveyor belts and using automated guided vehicle systems.

The best type of energy supply for the electric motors of the conveyor systems is decentralised. Space-saving power supplies with additional features such as integrated eFuses are needed to achieve this. Inductive charging systems have proved to be the ideal solution for in-process charging of autonomous production vehicles and mobile robots.

Versatile power supplies for body shops, joining processes and paint shops in the automotive industry.

Body shops, joining processes, paint shops

High-quality automated processes require compact power supplies with considerable flexibility

A high level of flexibility is important for these high-quality automated processes.

This means that different vehicle bodies can be manufactured on the same production line and painted in different colours, for example.

Power supplies provide the electricity needed for the control units and robot arms. Key considerations include a compact design, a high protection class and good return voltage immunity. Robust, flexible IP67 power supplies are the ideal solution in this case.

Efficient power supplies for the production of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles

High precision and short cycle times with the help of efficient power supplies

High standards of precision and efficiency are required for the production and assembly of electric motors, vehicle electronic systems and battery modules and cells.

The challenges faced by automated production and assembly solutions for electric vehicles include achieving short cycle times and good profitability while offering maximum flexibility.

Reliable, highly-productive systems need an efficient, flexible power supply.

Reliable power supplies for the production of mechanical vehicle components.

Mechanical production

The manufacturing of mechanical components begins with a reliable power supply

The precision production process for engine and gearbox parts, chassis components, wheels, axles and shafts, joints, steering systems and turbochargers, for example, requires highly reliable machine tools.

Car manufacturers and their suppliers make every effort to keep downtimes, defective components and rejects to a minimum. For this reason, the power supply must also function efficiently and reliably.

Reliable power supplies for use in automotive industry assembly lines.

Assembly lines

For perfect timing and seamless processes, reliable power supplies are needed

The assembly processes for vehicles and complex subsystems must be coordinated to the nearest second. These tasks are generally performed by employees along the assembly lines. Everywhere, they are supported by robots and handling systems that need a reliable energy supply.

Compact, flexible power supplies from a range of different performance classes are required to supply control units and on-board computers, for example, in the test rigs and during final acceptance.


for the supply of DC electricity in the automotive industry

In-process charging for autonomous production vehicles and robots in the automotive industry.

Inductive charging and energy systems
In-process charging for autonomous production vehicles and robots

Our Wiferion – A PULS Brand business unit supplies the technologies of the future in the form of contactless charging systems for automated guided vehicles and mobile robots.

These inductive battery charging systems allow for fully automated in-process charging of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and industrial trucks in production facilities. Repeated short charging processes keep the energy supply of the vehicles at a constant level and avoid the need for longer shutdowns for charging purposes.

No major changes to the infrastructure of your production and logistics environment are needed to install these systems. In addition, an intelligent data capture function provides all the energy figures you need to ensure that your production processes run smoothly and seamlessly.

IP54, IP65 and IP67 power supplies
A decentralised power supply in the field

Many areas of the automotive industry will benefit from a decentralised power supply.

The drives of conveyor systems can be provided with energy much more efficiently by a space-saving, decentralised power supply. Expensive and inflexible cabinets are no longer needed for logistics centres and assembly lines.

In addition, distributed workstations on the production site for testing and monitoring machines can be supplied with power much more easily on a decentralised basis. Long supply cables that are prone to losses are no longer required and the flexibility of the system is increased.

Our field power supplies include a wide range of 300 W and 500 W power supplies with the IP54, IP65 and IP67 protection classes in a number of different variants.

IP54, IP65 and IP67 field power supplies for use directly in machines.
IP20 DIN rail power supplies for applications in the automotive industry.

IP20 power supplies
A centralised power supply in the cabinet

PULS offers compact, reliable IP20 power supplies ranging from 15 W to 960 W for modernising cabinets and improving their efficiency and safety..

The portfolio includes future-proof solutions for industrial 1-phase and 3-phase systems, plus DC/DC converters. These power supplies can easily be fitted to the DIN rail and are immediately ready for use.

DC-UPS modules for applications in the automotive industry.

DC-UPS and buffer modules
Smart protection for the power supply

A preventive protection solution using our DC-UPS and battery modules allows even longer power failures to be bridged without interruption.

Buffer modules also help to ensure safe operation in the automotive industry, by balancing out variations in the mains voltage caused by fluctuations in renewable energy sources, for example. They bridge power failures lasting milliseconds and ensure a consistently stable DC power supply to increasingly sensitive systems (control units, industrial PCs, cameras etc.).

Electronic circuit breakers
Reliable current distribution, circuit breaking and monitoring

If a power supply is responsible for different loads, an electronic circuit breaker (ECB), such as the PISA-B 8-channel variant, increases the safety of the system. PISA-B distributes the current to the corresponding channels, protects the loads from over-current and short circuits and monitors the operating status in 24 V DC systems.

The electronic circuit breaker enables individual faulty load branches to be identified, isolated and shutdown. This ensures a secure and consistent supply to the remaining loads and protects the entire system. An integrated data monitoring system reports on the operating status and, in the event of a fault, sends a warning to the PLC or the control centre.

In addition, PISA-B is modular and can grow with your production system. Up to eight PISA-B modules can be installed in parallel via connection rails on the front of the device.

Electronic circuit breakers (ECB) for applications in the automotive industry.
Electronic circuit breakers (ECB) for applications in the automotive industry.

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