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PULS offers robust and reliable DIN-rail power supplies, redundancy modules and UPS systems for tough environmental conditions in the energy sector.

Power supplies from PULS are used in a wide variety of applications within the energy production and distribution field. In the energy sector, it is primarily reliability, long service life and immunity to fluctuations – even in extreme environmental conditions – which are the critical factors.

Uninterrupted operation with redundancy modules and UPS

Energy generation plants must comply with special safety requirements. These systems are normally designed with built-in redundancy to guarantee uninterrupted operation. PULS redundancy modules and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with rechargeable batteries as the storage medium are used to maintain the supply of power during a power failure or interruption to either maintain full system functionality or to perform a controlled shutdown. This prevents malfunctions within the system that in the worst case scenario could cause considerable permanent damage.

Extreme ambient temperatures and large temperature fluctuations are common occurrences in the energy sector with extremely high temperatures, as in the case of solar plants in the desert, or extremely low temperatures with hydro-power plants in snow-capped mountains. PULS offers a broad range of products that can cope with all these different requirements.

Applications in the energy sector

  • Inverter stations in solar technology
  • Controls in power stations
  • Supply to decentralised distributor stations, e.g. gas pressure reducing stations to ensure functions continue even after a power failure (UPS)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies for controls and lighting in power plants
  • Supply to motors and drive units in power plants

Application example:

UPS in wind power plants

Today, wind power plants are an important component of the energy supply portfolio in many industrial nations. These plants might appear to be somewhat unimpressive from the outside with their sedately turning rotor blades, but internally many components make up a highly complex technical system.

PULS products in their various forms and configurations are used at key operational locations within the plant, for example:

Buffering overall control

In the event that the power supply is interrupted, the entire plant control system needs to be buffered to guarantee continuity of critical functions. PULS DC-UPS (UB20) can be utilized here to guarantee a constant and continuous output voltage throughout the buffer time. This means that electrical components such as the control for the pitch drive units and the brake are reliably supplied with the required operating voltage in an emergency. In the event of a power failure, both the pitch drive units for rotor blade adjustment and the brake can be controlled to stop the rotor blades and move them into a safe position.

Power supply for pitch drive units

In addition to the control electronics for the pitch drive units, the continuity of the direct power supply also needs to be guaranteed. Here, the PULS PAS395 Ultracap Charger is a proven solution and is in common industry usage.

Emergency power supply for the interior tower lighting

The long power lines in the towers cause voltage drops that also need to be compensated for in the event of a power failure. PULS UPS modules are most commonly used for this scenario. Their voltages can be set individually from 22.5 – 26V and regulated continuously across the entire buffer time. This means that the voltage drops in long cables can be compensated for and the correct operating voltage to the lighting fixtures is guaranteed.

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