In the following you will find the awards we are very proud of.

Fair Trainee Program Award 2020
PULS was again awarded the "Fair Trainee Program Award" for promoting the career possibilities of graduates and young professionals in the electronics industry.

MM2019 China Automation and Drive Innovation Product
The PULS DIN rail power supply with integrated redundancy function CP20.241-R2 was awarded the award MM2019 China Automation and Drive Innovation Product.

Golden NOVUM Design Award 2019
In 2019 PULS was awarded the NOVUM Design Award in GOLD for its outstanding New Work environment in the Innovation-Lab in Vienna.

Greater Suzhou Best Employer Award 2019
In August 2019 PULS China received the Best Employer Award Greater Suzhou. This means the PULS manufacturing and sales location in Suzhou is among the most attractive employers in the region.

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A'Design Award Winner 2019
In May 2019, PULS once again received the prestigious A'Design Award - this time for the new PULS R&D location in Vienna. In addition to the interior design, the possibilities of digitization play a major role for this award.

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MINT minded company award 2019
In 2019 PULS was once again awarded the MINT minded company award. This award recognizes companies that promote scientists, young talents and graduates in the field of STEM.

Deutscher Exzellenz-Preis 2019
PULS was honored with the award Deutscher Exzellenz-Preis 2019 in the category "Internal Communication". The jury was impressed by the implementation of the social collaboration strategy at PULS and sees us as a pioneer in the field of New Work in German SMEs.

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Enterprise Business Collaboration Award 2018
PULS won the silver medal in the category "Best rollout & implementation of collaboration solutions" at the Enterprise Business Collaboration Awards 2018.

Innovative Company of the Ústí Region 2018
The PULS factory in Chomutov won the 3rd price in the competition “Innovative Company of the Ústí Region 2018” in the category for large enterprises. PULS attracted the attention with its eco-friendly innovation, which can recover up to 92% of the energy consumed during the burn-in test of our products.

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Fair Trainee Program Award 2019
The "Fair Trainee Program" award honors trainee programs that are fair and promote the career possibilities of graduates and young professionals.

Frost & Sullivan – Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018
Frost & Sullivan honors PULS with the prestigious Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018 for its contribution to digitization in the manufacturing industry.

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CAIMRS Innovative Products Award
The PULS redundancy module YR20.246 has been awarded with the Innovative Products Award in the category “Electrical Components” by CAIMRS (China Automation & Intelligence Market Research Seminar). The product convinced the jury with its unique automated load sharing technology and perfect decoupling and monitoring functionalities.

YR20.246  product details

Manager of the Year 2018 – Pioneers and Innovators
Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director and founder of PULS GmbH, accepted the Manager of the Year award in the category "Pioneers and Innovators".

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Manager of the Year 2018 – Human Resources Manager
Tanja Friederichs, Vice President HR, was honored as Manager of the Year in the category "Human Resources Manager".

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Golden A'Design Award
In May 2018, the design of the new PULS headquarters in Munich was honored with the Golden A'Design Award.

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MINT minded company award 2018
We are very pleased that so many students and graduates have chosen to honor PULS once again with the “MINT minded company award” in 2018. This award praises companies who support young academics, talents and specialists in STEM education in an outstanding way.

Industry Prize 2018
Our complete DIMENSION CP series – including CP5, CP10 and CP20 – has been awarded the “Industry Prize 2018” by the publisher, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH.

Certificate: CP series is best of 2018

Product of the Year 2018
Each year, the readers of the German journal Elektronik vote for their Product of the Year. This year they ranked our power supplies from the product family PIANO in second place in the category "power supply".

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German HR Award 2017
PULS has won third place with the project “The Transformation of an HR Organisation from Saulus to Paulus”. For the past 25 years, the German Human Resources Award has been honoring HR managers who are driving the further development of their company and the HR function forward through innovative and forward-looking projects.

MINT minded company award 2017
PULS was honored by the initiative “MINT Zukunft schaffen” again in 2017 for actively supporting young academics, talents and specialists in the STEM education.

HR Excellence Award 2016
PULS is winner of the HR Excellence Award 2016 in the category "Working 4.0". The award honours the new agile working environment concept of PULS which is outstanding for SMEs.

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Industry Prize 2016
The DIN rail power supply CP10.241 and its growing number of variants have been awarded the “Industry Prize” by the publisher, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH, the second time in a row.

Certificate: CP10.241 is best of 2016

ABSOLVENTA trainee award 2016
Also this year PULS was awarded with the Absolventa Trainee certification “career-enhancing and fair trainee program”. This seal of quality honors the best development programs in Germany. For several years now, the PULS-trainee program has been an integral part of our talent and succession management because the education of young talents lies at our hearts! If you want to learn more about our trainee program, please click here.

MINT minded company award 2016
In cooperation with the initiative “MINT Zukunft schaffen”, which was founded by the Federal Chancellor of Germany, the audimax MEDIEN GmbH honors with this award companies which are very active in this field and which support young academics, talents and specialists in the MINT-area in an outstanding way. We are very pleased that so many students and graduates nominated PULS and showed us their appreciation.

Industry Prize 2015
The DIN-Rail Power Supply CP10.241 has been awarded the “Industry Prize 2015” by the publisher, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH. This industrial prize honors enterprises with high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits.

Certificate: CP10.241 is best of 2015

LEED Gold Award 2010
LEED Certificate Gold for the new build PULS Power Factory in Suzhou, China Awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. Further Information about LEED Gold you can find here.

Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence Award 2008
Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence Award for Product Innovation in the Global DIN rail power supplies market.  

Europe’s 500 2007
PULS within the Top 500 of Europe’s High Potential Enterprises