Innovative power supplies with IP54 to IP67

Welcome to PULS' groundbreaking product program featuring waterproof and dust resistant high-end power supplies called ZeroCabinet.

Harsh environments and the ongoing trend to decentralization create new requirements for conventional power supplies and finally bring them into the field.

With highly efficient and reliable DIN rail power supplies, the time is now ready for PULS ZeroCabinet - optimized for decentralized applications in automotive, material handling, textile industry and many more. PULS will address the needs for these harsh environments with a new cutting-edge Ingress Protection product family.

  • 480W: IP54 to IP67 3-phase power supply

  • 300W: IP54 to IP67 3-phase power supply

  • 300W: IP54 to IP67 1-phase power supply

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Flexible connection and mounting

Flexible connection and mounting

Flexible connection and mounting

  • Maximum connector flexibility
  • Maximum mounting flexibility (panel or DIN rail mounting without accessories)
  • Full protection range from IP54 to IP67
Industry first

Industry first

Industry first

  • Various communication protocols (e.g. IO-Link)
  • Built-in E-Fuses up to 4 channels (optional)
  • NEC Class II up to 4 channels with the 300W power supply
High peak power. Small size.

High peak power. Small size.

High peak power. Small size.

  • Compact design for 300W and 480W:
    183 x 181 x 57mm (WxHxD)
  • 100% extra power for 5s
  • 25% extra power continuously (up to +40°C ambient temperature)

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