DIN rail power supplies


Input: 1-phase, 3-phase, DC   |   Power: 80 to 960W   |  Output: 12 to 48V

Highest performance. Numerous variants. Full featured.

The DIMENSION family unites all the technological achievements PULS has made in the past 35 years. For our customers this means the highest efficiency, longest service life and - of course - the smallest dimensions in the market.

We are continously advancing the DIMENSION family with one goal in mind: To give you reliable and efficient power supplies for your applications. Install them in seconds and don't worry about them for years.

The DIMENSION family includes the widest range of 12 to 48V DIN rail power supplies. The products are classified in three series: Q , C and X with 1-, 2- or 3-phase input and a power of 80 to 960W.

Each series assembles various power supply models. Helpful special features like DC-OK relay contact, remote shut-down, spring clamps or DC wide-range input and important approvals are available for every series.

This makes the DIMENSION family valuable for every high demanding application.

DIN rail power supplies

DIMENSION standard power supplies

Q series

Premium class DIN rail power supplies

Suitable when you need state-of-the-art technology and flexibility for demanding tasks. With high efficiencies, minimal losses, a compact housing and many other features, this series is Best-in-Class.

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C series

Effective solution in a compact design

The C-Series is for users looking for highly reliable power supplies in a compact housing. Focusing only on the essential features of the premium class achieves advantages in price.

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X series

For motors and heavy loads

Efficient and cost saving 960W 3-phase power supplies with semi-regulation. 

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Supplementary units


PISA series

Protection modules

PISA is the innovative solution to distribute and protect load circuits delivering a low-price cost, space-saving alternative to electronic fuses.

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Y series

Redundancy modules

These modules are ideal for building redundant power supply systems or to isolate sensitive circuits to increase reliability and availability of the DC voltage with minimal power losses and voltage drops.

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U series

DC-UPS systems

These modules improve safety and prevent downtime, loss of data and long restart sequences. If backup time is required, PULS buffer modules or DC-UPS controllers  provide the solution.

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