QS40.244: 1-Phase AC200-240V, 24V 40A

In countries with mains voltages of 100V (Japan) or 120V (USA), higher voltages such as 200V, 208V or 240V are frequently also available for larger systems and are readily used due to the lower current consumption.

Power supplies optimized for these input voltages have advantages in terms of dimensions, weight and costs. Why carry around an input voltage range down to 85V when you don't need it? PULS has therefore developed the QS40.244 which in the 1-phase range has virtually the same positive features as 3-phase power supplies

  • AC 200-240V +/-15% input voltage range
  • Low heat generation thanks due to an excellent efficiency of 94.6%
  • 50% (1440W) power reserve for dynamic loads
  • Low input current thanks to active PFC
  • Minimal input inrush current surge
  • Integrated input fuses, suitable for 32A mains networks
  • Integrated DC-OK relay contact
  • Integrated shut-down input
  • Current sharing feature for parallel use
  • 48V version coming soon

For applications that also need to be supplied with AC 100V or AC 120V, a wide range version will soon be available with an input range of AC 100-240V.

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