Diode redundancy module increases supply reliability

The new, cost-effective diode redundancy module (PIRD20.241) in the PIANO range from manufacturer PULS allows users to build reliable 1+1 or N+1 systems and ensure their operational reliability.

The module can be used in either a 2x 10A or 1x 20A configuration, ensures safe decoupling of parallel connected power supplies and is quickly integrated into the system.

The input voltage is permitted to be between 9V and 35V and power supplies with both constant current and hiccup overload behaviour are permissible. The wide temperature range of -40°C to +55°C without derating and the narrow width of 39mm permit problem-free use in a wide range of application areas.

The PIRD20.241 is the perfect supplementary unit for the DIN-rail power supplies of the successful PIANO product family. PIANO offers users essential power supply characteristics with the highest level of PULS quality. The product family is concentrated on the important things: High efficiency, absolute reliability and long lifetime.