DIN rail power supplies with conformal coated PCBs

PULS DIN rail power supplies with conformal coated PCBs secure maximum reliability and system availability in tough environmental conditions.

Robust power solutions for tough conditions

Conformal coated power supplies maintain system reliability

PULS DIN rail power supplies are inherently robust. They deliver high efficiency, reliability and long service lifetime – even under challenging ambient conditions.

However, tough ambient conditions such as high levels of humidity or condensation or high concentrations of conductive particles in the environment, e.g. the attraction of dust particles due to electrostatic charge, can diminish these properties.

To ensure long-term reliability of a system under such conditions, power supplies with conformal coated PCBs are recommended.


Article Number
DC OutputRangePowerInputDimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
newCP5.241-C124V5A24-28Vdc120W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 32124102conformal coated
CP10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 39124117conformal coated
newCP20.241-C124V20A24-28Vdc480W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 48124127conformal coated
newCP20.241-R2-C124V20A24Vdc480W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 48124127hot swappable Conformal coated
CPS20.241-C124V20A24-28Vdc480W AC 100-240V 65124127conformal coated
CS5.241-C124V5A24-28Vdc120W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 32124117conformal coated
CT10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 380-480V 62124117conformal coated
QS5.241-A124V5A24-28Vdc120W AC 100-240V | DC 100-300V 40124117conformal coated, ATEX
QS10.241-A124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60124117conformal coated, ATEX
QS10.241-C124V10A24-28Vdc240W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 60124117conformal coated
QS20.241-A124V20A24-28Vdc480W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 82124127conformal coated, ATEX
QS20.241-C124V20A24-28Vdc480W AC 100-240V | DC 110-150V 82124127conformal coated
QT20.241-C124V20A24-28Vdc480W AC 380-480V 65124127conformal coated


Article Number
DC OutputRangePowerInputDimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
ML50.10924V2.1A24-28Vdc50W AC 100-240V | DC 110-300V 457591conformal coated
ML100.10924V4.2A24-28Vdc100W AC 100-120V AC 220-240V | DC 290V 7375103conformal coated

Improve your system availability

Typical applications for conformal coated power supplies

Subtropical regions

Constant humidity in conjunction with high temperatures

Protected outdoor areas

Damp or condensation: E.g. lighting, advertising, scoreboards

Railway and construction vehicles

Permanent vibration loads and fast-changing temperatures

Agricultural operations

Aggressive air conditions or insect infestations: Cowsheds, silos, etc.

Paper producing and paper processing

High dust and ESD exposure

Systems with mechanical fans

Increased particle deposits

The video shows the process of selective coating in PULS' manufacturing location in Chomutov.

The conformal coated PCBs of a CP10.241-C1.

Perfect results and highest quality

Precise conformal coating method

PULS uses a special coating method based on a selective coating with a protective liquid film, to give users the perfect end result. This coating method is different from the traditional spray or dip technologies.

Compared to these traditional methods, selective coating is far more precise and delivers faultless results with a constant level of quality. The protective coating is applied as a thin layer of film.

This eliminates any air pockets, which can occur with the wet spray method. Selective coating also prevents droplet formation which may result in uneven layers when using dip coating.

PULS stores the exact coating process for each product digitally. The programming controls the targeted application of the coating on the defined PCB areas, leaving out components that do not need to be coated.

It also guarantees that the thickness of the coating layer remains uniform. In addition, no masking is required to cover the components for this process.

This production technology means that users benefit from the highest quality protective coatings. The inherently reliable power supplies are ideally equipped for use in challenging environmental conditions for electronics.

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