CP10.241-60: DC/DC converter for railway applications

The new CP10.241-60 is a reliable, EN 50155-certified and highly efficient DC/DC converter for railway applications.

Reliable, efficient and robust

  • Input voltage: DC 110V (-30%/+40%), 0.1s 66Vdc (-40%)
  • Efficiency: 94.5%
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C without derating (+85°C for 10 min.)
  • 100% higher mains failure bridging time than required by railway standard EN 50155 (S2)
  • Weather-resistant: PC boards with a conformal coating and spring clamp terminals
  • Minimal noise generation: 100% convection-cooled
  • Flexible use, rapid replacement: DIN rail mounting

EN 50155-certified

  • EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock classified according to T3, TX, C2 and S2
  • EN 61373 Shock and vibration tests classified according to Cat.1, Class B
  • EN 50121-3-2 EMC requirements
  • EN 45545-2 Fire protection on railway vehicle according to Hazard Level HL3

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DC/DC converter - CP10.241-60