YR40, YR80: MOSFET Redundancy Modules

The two new redundancy modules from PULS, YR40.241 and YR80.241 can be utilized to build N+1 and 1+1 redundant systems. The modules are equipped with two input channels and one output and are designed for 40A and 80A output currents.  

In these new redundancy modules, for the first time traditional diodes have been replaced by MOSFETs. The benefits of the MOSFET are clear. The low on-resistance of the MOSFETs causes a considerably lower heat generation and voltage drop than when using diodes. At 40A output current, only 2.7W losses and a 50mV voltage difference is present between the input and output terminals with the YR80.241. With a traditional diode module, at least a drop of 500mV and losses of 20W will occur in a 40A scenario.

The modules are short-circuit proof, protected against reverse polarity and can be operated with full power between -40°C and +70°C. The units are self-supporting and do not need an auxiliary voltage even in case of a short on the output load or cabling. The narrow width (36mm for the 40A and 46mm for the 80A module) and the built-in distribution terminals for the negative poles makes a system integration easy. For global usage, a comprehensive international approval and safety package is available including ATEX certification.

For the first time, only one redundancy module is now required to build a 40A redundant system. It will be no longer necessary to have two separate modules for each power supply in this power range. PULS can now fit a 3-phase 40A 1+1 redundancy system in a smaller space than one of the existing SL40 3-phase supplies.

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