PULS uses innovative robot solution for SYS test in Chomutov

PULS uses a new robot for the SYS test of its devices in its production site in Chomutov. Read more about the advantages of robot technology in power supply production.

Each PULS DIN rail power supply has to pass the SYS test before it can be scheduled for delivery. This is the final analysis of the device performance where its functionality is tested and documented. This test is vital for quality assurance but the actual test process is extremely monotonous and includes necessarily regular - although unproductive - waiting times.

PULS wanted to increase the efficiency of this workflow and has successfully utilised a new robot arm for the execution of the SYS tests over the past few months. The robot is programmed by PULS engineers and performs the workflow independently, enabling employees to devote their time to more demanding tasks. The use of robots provides PULS with a consistently high production level and brings considerable cost advantages.

Would you like to learn more about this innovative production technology?

Click the following link to view our explanatory video on the current use of robot technology at our production site in Chomutov:

Innovative robot technology in power supply production

PULS robot technology