Coronavirus currently has no influence on the delivery capability of PULS

The Chinese government has extended the holidays of Chinese New Year until February 9th, 2020 due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. This regulation applies to all Chinese companies, therefore our Chinese suppliers as well as the PULS production facility in Suzhou (near to Shanghai) are also affected. However, our production facility is not located in the quarantined area and no cases of illness have occurred within the company.

Based on current information, our production and delivery in and from China can be resumed on February 10th, 2020.

It is our company strategy at PULS to maintain flexibility and delivery reliability through a large warehouse stock of components. This allows us to compensate for any possible fall-outs from our suppliers.

Due to our large stock of manufactured products in Europe – which can last roughly three months – the deliveries to our customers are not at risk. Additionally, our European production facility in the Czech Republic continues to operate and the manufacturing capacity can be increased at short notice if necessary.

Thanks to the PULS dual production strategy we manufacture in two factories spread around the globe and also maintain a large stock. So we feel confident to maintain our high delivery reliability without introducing any special measures at the moment.

PULS manufacturing location in China.