Fanless 120W and 240W medical power supplies

PULS is further expanding its portfolio of medical power supplies. In addition to the 24V, 10A version (CP10.241-M1), a 24V, 5A version (CP5.241-M1) of the efficient DIN rail power supplies is now also available.

PULS has extended the development and manufacturing of its medical power supplies over the past few months. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many medical projects as possible should be supported. With the 120W (CP5.241-M1) and 240W (CP10.241-M1) power supplies, reliable, compact and secure power supply systems for medical applications in hospital technology (operating room equipment, ventilators, patient monitoring, nurse call systems), building technology (door openers, lighting) and in imaging diagnostics (CT, MRT, medical ultrasound scan) can be realized.

Patients and operators protected by 2 MOPPs

The CP medical power supplies meet all the requirements defined in the standards IEC 60601-1, 3rd Edition and IEC 60601-1-2, 4th Edition. They also feature a double measure to protect patients (2 MOPP - Means Of Patient Protection) and operators. The EMC test is completely fulfilled without additional measures such as external filters as well.

Fanless power supplies - reliable and quiet

Thanks to their convection cooling, PULS DIN rail power supplies are perfect for medical applications. The devices do not require fans to dissipate heat. This applies across the entire load range. A decisive factor is the very high efficiency of 94.3%. This results in only minor power losses (7.3W) in the form of heat. PULS' fanless CP power supplies work completely silently in the background, which contributes to a healing environment for the patients. In addition, a high level of reliability and very long product lifetime can be achieved due to the low heat generation. This makes the power supplies suitable for years of use in medical devices.

Fanless 120W and 240W medical power supplies