PULS supports worldwide GOGREEN projects of Deutsche Post

The rising carbon dioxide emissions are a risk for our planet and thus for the future of our children and grandchildren. Both individuals and companies have to contribute to moderate those threats. PULS takes its responsibility very seriously and gets active.

The modern factory buildings of the two PULS production sites in Chomutov (Czech Republic) and Suzhou (China) are a clear commitment to the protection of our environment. The ecology-minded construction and production has already won several awards - among others the prestigious LEED Award in Gold.

But also external environmental projects need help. Therefore PULS supports the GOGREEN projects of Deutsche Post.

Sending letters is inevitably connected with emitting CO2. With GOGREEN the Deutsche Post wants to neutralize these CO2 emissions. How does this work?

The CO2 compensation results from internationally recognized climate protection projects. The projects are implemented in regions where avoidable greenhouse gases occur because of poverty or ignorance. So GOGREEN protects the environment and also improves significantly the standard of living and health of the affected population. This approach matches perfect with the ideals and values of PULS.

In the following you can read about three projects which are supported PULS because of its GOGREEN certification:

  • Domestic biogas program in the province of Sichuan | China
    The rural population in Sichuan uses coal as fuel and collects organic waste in open slurry tanks for agricultural use. This means very high methane and CO2 emissions which have a negative impact on the people and the environment in this area. GOGREEN enables the installation of subsidized biogas plants for households with a low income. Thanks to these small facilities high methane and CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • Biosand filter | Honduras
    Many low-income households in Honduras have no access to clean drinking water. So the contaminated water is boiled on wood stoves before it is drunk, to prevent diseases. The open fireplaces that are often arranged in buildings produce high CO2 emissions and are toxic for human beings and nature. GOGREEN promotes Hydraid Biosand filter which are totally free of emission. This technology filters out pollutants from the water and needs no energy supply. The Biosand filters work with a biological layer of sand which purifies the water with the help of living organisms such as algae or plankton. The filter has a service life of more than ten years and is maintenance-free after the installation.
  • Alternative watering | Central-East India
    Farming is the livelihood of around 98 million families in rural India. The watering of the fields determines the success of the harvest. Especially in the long dry periods, the sufficient watering is a huge problem. In many regions there are abundant water springs available but they are underground and most farmers do not have the equipment to access it. That's why they hire diesel pumps which are polluting the environment. GOGREEN promotes emission-free pedal pumps, which are a simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to the expensive diesel pumps. So farmers can water their crops throughout the year, without having to rely on fossil fuels. The pump is easy to operate by foot through a pedal and pumps the precious water to the surface.

You will read about more current GOGREEN projects in our news area soon. Or you can check out the website of Deutschen Post for more information.