PULS test laboratory in Chemnitz certified again by UL

The recertification of the PULS test laboratory in Chemnitz is testament to the competence and professionalism of our team on site.

In the UL annual audit all processes in the laboratory, test equipment and the expertise of our employees are examined in detail. The PULS test laboratory is, as a result, authorised to take part in UL’s Data Acceptance Program. This means that our test results are fully accepted by UL when the necessary approval processes for products begin – making the usual time-consuming external approvals of our DIN rail power supplies no longer necessary.

But what benefits are generated for our customers with the participation in UL’s Data Acceptance Program and the annual audit?

A short interview with Mario Diener, team leader in the laboratory, gives us more information.

Which benefits result from the UL certification of the PULS test laboratory for our customers?

Mario Diener: The main task of our test laboratory in Chemnitz is to ensure the safety of our devices according to relevant standards and requirements. The regular certification of the laboratory shows our customers that the quality of our testing is outstanding. But the confirmation of the absolute accuracy of our tests is only one advantage. It also has a very positive effect on the knowledge of our specialists. They are familiar with every detail within the standards. Although these standards stay the same for a long time, the interpretation and the test requirements tighten repeatedly. This is why it is good for our customers that our specialists are always fully up-to-date.

The UL certification has a particular relevance for North America and Canada. What does the UL approval mean for the European customers of PULS products?

Mario Diener: Many of our customers export their products to North America and Canada. The UL approval for the single components - e.g. the power supply - is extremely helpful to achieve a fast access to this market. For our customers with little or no current interest in the American market, the UL certification is an additional confirmation of the product safety and it keeps the door open if they wish to export to North America in the future.

What advantages has the participation in the Data Acceptance Program for the internal development process?

For our developers an accompanying consultation for the approvals is very helpful. This works a lot better with an internal team of experts than with external service providers: The reporting lines are shorter and we get faster results. When we start with the conceptual design of a new product, our testing specialists are already involved in the development so all specific questions about the interpretation of the standards can be answered easily. Our engineers in the test laboratory are in constant contact with the UL project engineers and can clarify questions directly. The effect of this is that PULS prototypes are usually fault free right from the start and can be approved very quickly.

Thank you Mr. Diener for the brief update!

PULS UL Certification