Digital signal system for our production site in Suzhou

PULS eliminates dissipation wherever possible. A digital signal system in our factory in Suzhou helps us assuring quality, improving productivity and optimizing our production processes.

The wireless signal system, helps our employees to report problems at their workstations at any time. On a central, highly visible LCD screen the affected workstations light up red immediately. At the same time the shift supervisor is informed via email. So he can react quickly and efficiently to the incident. This creates more transparency and helps to achieve a better coordination.

The system is based on the Andon-principle and is an important part of the Lean Production Processes which PULS implements in its production sites. The word Andon refers to a traditional Japanese lantern and was first used as a technical term by the automobile manufacturer Toyota in 1978.

The PULS engineers have programmed the signal system by themselves. So it perfectly matches the requirements in the production of DIN rail power supplies. Since the implementation of the system, we could observe  significant cost savings and a more efficient communication in production. This contributes to a consistent high product quality.