Recruitment fairs

Every year PULS attends a number of university and recruitment fairs.

We will be happy to welcome you to our booth and discuss the options you have for joining us and your future development. 

Let´s meet at the following university and recruitment fairs:

CarEEr 2019

Thursday, 6th of June 2019
Technische Universität München
Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Munich

IKOM 2019

Monday, 24th of June 2019
Technische Universität München Maschinenwesen
Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching bei München

HOKO 2019

Thursday, 7th of November 2019
Lothstraße 64, 80335 Munich

Recruitment fair review:

carEEr 2017

Themed under the motto „Construction Kit“ was this year’s visit of the recruitment fair carEEr at the Campus from the Electrical Engineers at the University of Munich.

Here future engineers could prove their passion for power electronics and start with first fiddling experiments. For the first time MGV also joined the fair to get young talents interested in customer specific power supplies.

IKOM 2017

This year we used the opportunity again to attract future engineers for PULS at the recruitment fair IKOM at the Campus in Garching.

How do we succeed?

In personal conversations at the booth and also with the participation from Sebastian Lederer at the podium discussion of the IKOM Arena we gave numerous and exciting insights into the new work environment of PULS and were able to excite curiosity in potential applicants.