PULS awarded best employer in Suzhou

In August 2019 PULS China received the Best Employer Award Greater Suzhou. This means the PULS manufacturing and sales location in Suzhou is among the most attractive employers in the region.

The jury was convinced by the excellent working conditions, the great communication with and to employees and employee-development. The social responsibility that PULS takes on in China also impressed the jury. PULS also received a high number of votes in the public voting session, which was open for employees, customers and others to vote for the approx. 150 nominated companies.

PULS is thus one of the most attractive employers alongside major international companies such as Samsung and Roche, who are also located in the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Corporate values ​​as a success factor

The jury placed great value on clearly defined and lived company values ​​as well as a productive and sustainable corporate culture during the evaluation process. PULS was able to leave a lasting impression with the jury here.

The PULS corporate values ​​were established by Bernhard Erdl, Managing Director, founder and chief developer, when the company was founded nearly 40 years ago. These are still the same today and vaild worldwide for all PULS locations.

Highly qualified talents and high delivery reliability

Ranking among the best employers in a region helps to further raise awareness for PULS in China. As a result, even more highly qualified talents are becoming aware of the company and can support our well-established team.

The outstanding performance provided by the PULS manufacturing locations in China and the Czech Republic are crucial for the company's high delivery reliability and thus for the satisfaction of our customers.

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