Environmental protection: PULS relies on Audi e-gas for company cars

PULS has been building an environmental-friendly fleet of company cars for their field sales team in Germany over the last few months.

The project is part of PULS' comprehensive climate protection strategy. We are pursuing environmental protection through efficiency and innovation.

This begins with our energy-efficient power supplies which have the highest efficiency on the market (>95%). We are also continuously optimising the manufacturing and testing of our products. For example, we recuperate more than 92% of the energy required for the burn-in tests of the devices.

The climate-friendly field sales fleet is a logical progression of this strategy. For its implementation, PULS chose the e-gas project from Audi. More and more of our Regional Sales Managers are therefore already driving the gas-operated g-tron models, which have very low CO2 emissions. Compared to diesel and petrol, natural gas powered cars produce around 25% less CO2, and other pollutants are reduced by 80%.

How is the g-tron model different to other gas-operated vehicles? Audi has developed the climate-friendly e-gas cycle.

How does Audi's e-gas project work?

With Audi e-gas, the car manufacturer has developed its own fuel and has been operating the power-to-gas plant at Werlte in the Emsland region of Germany since 2013. e-gas is a synthetic fuel that is manufactured using renewable energy sources such as water and CO2, as well as organic residual materials such as straw and green waste. 

It is possible to refuel the car at any CNG filling station. Audi enables the green property of the gas and thus the corresponding reductions in CO2 emissions, as the company feeds the calculated amount back into the natural gas network in the form of e-gas.

This reduces the cumulative CO2 emissions of the entire Audi g-tron fleet in gas operation by up to 80%. Audi calculates the required amount of e-gas automatically based on vehicle surveys and service data. The TÜV Süd monitors and certifies the process.

PULS' Regional Sales Managers in Germany drive the environmentally friendly g-tron models by Audi. (Source: Audi)Explanation of the Audi e-gas project. (Source: Audi)