DIN rail power supplies with basic functionality

The product family PIANO stands for cost-efficient, basic DIN rail power supplies from 36-480W with high efficiency, long lifetime and compact size. Our PIANO products help you achieve more with less.

36W - 90W DIN rail power supplies with basic functionality.

36W - 90W

1-phase power supplies

PIM36, PIM60, PIM90

  • AC input 100 - 240V
  • Output 36W (coming soon), 60W or 90W
  • DC 24V 1.5A, 2.5A or 3.8A
  • Compact size
  • Low power losses - even in standby
    (< 0.5W)
  • Push-in or screw terminals
  • 90W NEC Class 2 version

Product overview

120W - 480W DIN rail power supplies with basic functionality

120W - 480W

1-phase power supplies

PIC120, PIC240, PIC480

  • AC input 100 - 240V (e.g. PIC240.241D) or
    200 - 240V (e.g. PIC240.241C) 
  • Output power 120W, 240W or 480W
  • DC 24V 5A, 10A or 20A
  • High efficiency up to 95.7%
  • Outstanding reliability (MTBF) up to 1.72 million h
  • Light-weight, compact and very robust

Product overview

Reliable power supplies with basic functionality.

The product family PIANO is designed for users who need reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective DIN rail power supplies.

The focus of the PIANO product family is on the basic functions without making compromises on PULS’ renowned qualities: efficiency, lifetime, reliability and small size. Additional and more complex features - such as power reserves - were deliberately omitted. This allows a cost-oriented design and high quality at the same time.

The PIANO power supplies are perfectly suited for a wide range of economical applications. More demanding applications can be realised with the fully-featured DIMENSION products.

Cost advantages thanks to basic functionality

Best in class efficiency, lifetime and reliability

Perfect performance for economical applications

Your benefits.
Simplicity without compromises.

Reduced system costs

High efficiency values

The PIANO power supplies are a future-proof and cost-effective investment for your system. With these basic power supplies you will permanently reduce your system costs. The high efficiency values (90.5 to 95.7% at full load) lead to lower heat losses, make the power supplies more durable and reduce your energy costs for cooling your system.

Compact power supply

The modern circuit design of the PIANO DIN rail power supplies fits into a very compact housing. This enables a small width and depth which allows space-savings in your system.

Single-board design

Thanks to the basic functionality and smart design of the PIANO power supplies, a lower number of electronic components is needed. Therefore, all components can be placed on only one printed circuit board. This means lower costs for the production and testing process of the devices, which are reflected in the price of the PIANO units.

Increase system availability

High reliability

PIANO power supplies are characterised by a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of up to 1.72 million hours. Thanks to the low failure rate in phase B (see diagram), which is relevant for the MTBF calculation, the PIANO devices stand out in terms of a very high reliability.


The DC-OK signal and the relay contact for remote monitoring facilitate maintenance and increase availability (except in the PIM series and PIC120.242C) .

Don't worry about safety issues

High immunity

The PIANO power supplies can withstand powerful input transients up to 230% of the nominal input voltage. This electrical robustness is assured throughout the entire load range.

Robust housing

The high-grade polycarbonate housing enables a light-weight design. Polycarbonate is a very durable material which has passed all stress tests (shock, vibration, temperature) without any problems. All units also comply with the V0 class of inflammability.

Stay flexible

14+ different devices

The growing PIANO product family includes more than 14 different DIN rail power supplies. The devices differ in certain details, like the input voltage range. This gives you the opportunity to choose only what you really need.

Push-in or screw terminals

With the PIANO Mini-series (PIM), users have the choice between push-in and screw terminals. Push-in terminals allow time-saving installation without tools and are very robust against shock and vibration.

Product overview

Take a closer look at our PIANO power supplies and supplementary units. You can read the product details online or download the datasheet for further and more technical information.

DIN-rail power supplies for 1-phase systems

Article Number
DC Output Range Power Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
new PIM36.241 24V 1.5A 24-28Vdc 36W AC 100-240V 22 90 91 Push-in terminal
new PIM60.241 24V 2.5A 24-28Vdc 60W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 Push-in terminal
new PIM60.121 12V 5A 12-15Vdc 60W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 Push-in terminal
new PIM60.125 12V 5A 12-15Vdc 60W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 Large screw terminal
new PIM60.245 24V 2.5A 24-28Vdc 60W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 NEC CLASS 2 compliant
new PIM90.241 24V 3.8A 24-28Vdc 90W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 Push-in terminal
new PIM90.245 24V 3.8A 24-28Vdc 90W AC 100-240V 36 90 91 Screw terminal
PIC120.241D 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W AC 100-120V AC 200-240V 39 124 124 DC-OK relay contacts
PIC120.242C 24V 5A 24-28Vdc 120W AC 200-240V 39 124 124
PIC240.241D 24V 10A 24-28Vdc 240W AC 100-240V 49 124 124 DC-OK relay contacts
new PIC480.241D 24V 20A 24-28Vdc 480W AC 100-240V 59 124 127 DC-OK relay contact
new PIC480.481D 48V 10A 48-56Vdc 480W AC 100-240V 59 124 127 DC-OK relay contact

Diode redundancy module

Article Number
DC Output Input Dimension
WxHxD (mm)
Special Feature
PIRD20.241 12-24V 20A DC 12V-28V  (± 25%) 39 124 124 2x 0-10A input

Secure your system.
Redundancy module with basic functionality.

Secure your system with the PIRD20.241. This redundancy module with basic functionality perfectly complements our PIANO DIN rail power supplies. It allows you to build cost-effective 1+1 redundant power supply systems.

Product features

  • Dual input with separate diodes
  • Two positive poles to reduce risk of bad connections
  • DC 12-28V ±25% wide range input
  • Full power between -40°C and +55°C
  • Width of only 39mm
  • Easy wiring: distribution terminal for negative pole included

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